Training courses for crane operators and load limiters

Nowadays, in which preparation and competence in the execution of the works are the masters, it is more appropriate than ever to rely on operators of self-propelled cranes. This is why Parenti srl is able to provide training courses for crane operators.

These courses form people, able to operate safely.

The people who attend these courses will be able to operate faster and in complete autonomy, making quick decisions to protect the people and the vehicle on which they are working.

Training courses for truck crane operators can be carried out directly on the vehicle that subsequently the operator will use.

Training courses for crane operators can be carried out at our office or at the customer’s office.

Parenti S.r.L also supplies training courses for the use of load limiters, from the simple setting to the diagnosis of the most common errors.

The training course on load limiters will allow the operator to accurately understand the messages shown on the display, and in case of an anomaly, being able to restore the proper functioning.