Mandatory Periodic Checks for Crane – Maintenance Services

The periodic maintenance of cranes and industrial machinery is the right choice to guarantee efficiency and avoid machine breakdowns.  They drastically reduce the risk of sudden “downtime” and avoid managing costly unplanned repairs. However, every mobile crane and industrial machine has special characteristics and diversified uses. Maintenance and controls must be customized, so as to guarantee the continuous efficiency of the vehicles. Parenti S.r.L. schedules customized maintenance programs and ad hoc controls, in compliance with the client’s availability and the use of mobile crane and industrial machinery.  

Solutions for Mandatory Periodic Checks for Cranes

Thanks to the equipped workshop and its technicians, Parenti S.r.L. is able to offer specialized skills. We are able to do every type of maintenance, inspection, up to the “twenty-years'” inspection on the crane and industrial machinery. At our workshop, we offer ordinary maintenance, extraordinary maintenance, “twenty-years'” revisions, as well as the ability to repair and rebuild parts (even out of production),  of crane and industrial machinery. The two areas of the plant, the workshop, and the spare parts warehouse extend over a covered area of about 2,500 square meters. We also have an external surface, equipped with weights and tools, for testing crane and industrial machinery. Parenti S.r.L. specializes in the research, supply, and maintenance services for periodic checks for cranes to ensure high-quality, efficiency, and great performance!