Load moment indicator

Load Limiters and Moment Indicators for Cranes

Load moment indicator (LMI) are the devices that, when installed in the correct way:

  • can keep the crane safe from accidents
  • help the operator to verify all the necessary parameters to work in the right and practical way

Many years ago, the load moment indicator (LMI) systems used a led rod and a monochrome display to alert the operator when the crane was in a critical area. Nowadays the new load moment indicator (LMI) system includes a color display which enables the operator to insert the work operating parameters.

This gives the possibility, through the different screens to check:

  • the weight lifted by the crane;
  • the position of the weight lifted by the crane;
  • levelling of the crane;
  • outriggers position;
  • engine data (with protocol J1939);
  • wind speed on boom head;
  • cameras to check the crane’s “dark areas” (lateral areas covered by the boom, winch rope situation, front and rear part of the crane).

Crane Load Limiters by Parenti S.r.L.

Parenti S.r.L.  has different types of Load moment indicator (LMI) systems that can be placed on different machines such as:

  • cranes
  • spreaders
  • telelifts
  • forklifts
  • mobile cranes

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